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The Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum

A Celebration of Earth Day
April 21st and 22nd, 2013

with Anne Doubilet, Underwater Explorer/Writer/Photographer
and Asher Jay, Creative Conservationist/ writer/ speaker

April 21-May 22
Opening Reception Sunday- April 21st
1:00 to 4:00PM

Greenbelt Aerial

Sunday afternoon, April 21, 2013 at the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum

We cordially invite you to the opening of an exclusive collaborative exhibit titled Coral, Ice and Plastics featuring Anne Doubilet's haunting series of poetic photographic panels titled Coral and Ice in conjunction with Asher Jay's visually arresting campaign of hand painted PET bottles titled Sea Speak Sphere: Message in a Bottle.

Anne Doubilet's Coral and Ice display comprises of 30" x 40" dual panels that offer an insightful commentary on melting icebergs and vanishing corals.

Asher Jay's Message in a Bottle showcase consists of a hanging display of 200 plastic water bottles, each eloquently hand illustrated by Jay to represent a unique message from an illustrious conservation-aligned individual. The campaign now contains 200 messages from 200 prominent voices.

The combination of work by these two artists illustrates the impact of anthropogenic activities on diverse marine ecosystems and therefore all of planet earth. From climate change to the ever-growing blooms of plastic debris, the world is in a state of crisis, but with awareness comes action, and this art show is intends to serve raise the needle on and incite reform.

Monday April 22, 2013 Earth Day

Ms. Doubilet and Ms Asher will visit a local school to present their work. Ms. Doubilet's slide presentation HOPE Help Ocean Protect Earth™ will show work from coral reefs throughout the Indo Pacific to penguins clustered on Antarctic islands to polar bears on shrinking Arctic ice. Ms. Jay will work with students on creating an interactive component of painted bottles to her on-going art installation of Message in a Bottle.

Through connecting Art and Science Doubilet and Jay hope to inspire students to preserve, conserve, sustain and to witness, document and communicate—in whatever their chosen medium-- because who knows what environmental changes the next generation will see in their lifetime.

Anne L. Doubilet is an underwater explorer, writer and photographer who has logged thousands of dives worldwide working as a freelance team member for National Geographic Magazine on 36 stories about the sea. She is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and has worked in the Red Sea, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Hawaii, Japan, the Galapagos, all around Australia's coasts, and throughout the Caribbean. Recipient of a Scuba Schools International Platinum Pro Award, she has completed over 5,000 dives. Anne is featured in Vogue Magazine, August 2009; and is an "Ambassador of the Sea" in the book OCEAN PORTRAITS by Huw Lewis-Jones published by Scott Polar Research Institute/University of Cambridge. Lecturing at various venues throughout the country, Anne speaks to the issue of oceans in peril as seen through her 40 years of working underwater.

Asher Jay is an artist, designer, speaker, activist, writer and conservationist. She is a staunch supporter of animal rights, wildlife conservation, and sustainable development, and she uses all her creative faculties to spark engaging visual discourses with audiences across the globe about contemporary ecological and humanitarian concerns. She is the founder of her very own country, The United Flotsam of Garbagea, and she makes public appearances as Garbagea's Head of State to educate audiences of various age groups about the cultural mores and civic obligations embraced by citizens of her plastic provinces. Jay was awarded the USNC UN Women Design Star for 2012, for her graphic illustration "A Light in Her Favor."

Additionally, Jay produces works for fundraisers under the EnAct (Environmental Activism) banner. She also directed, illustrated and produced an animated short, Transparent Sea, which was awarded "Honorable Mention" at the Blue Film Festival in Monterey. The film has since been amended to include hard facts about plastic consumption for 5 Gyres, who intend to use it as their Ban the Bag PSA.

Jay's work and interviews have appeared on Time Out NY, National Geographic Newswatch, Science Daily, ScienceLine, Scientific American, See 7 Magazine, Mother Nature Network, Eco Chick, ABC News Local, Mission Blue, Green Upgrader, and on several reputed NGO's blog feeds (5 Gyres, Thinking Animals, GWC, Earth Island Institute, USNC UN Women, etc).


EcoCuffCELEBRATE EARTH DAY with an EcoCuff made from up to 90% post consumer recycled aluminum imprinted with one of my original underwater photographs! Aluminum cans along with plastics litter our beaches. Cuffs pictured above are both images from the Sinai, Red Sea--red coral detail and red crab in pink soft coral.

EcoCuffStack 'em! annedoubiletphoto EcoCuffs™ shine in beautiful underwater colors/glossy finish. All USA made=low carbon footprint. Imprinted with VOC free process, water proof, scratch resistant, adjustable.

EcoCuffPercentage of your purchase donated to MERI Marine Environmental Research Institute where the work of Dr. Susan Shaw is helping sustain the seas. Wear aluminum along with your pearls and jewelry to promote clean ocean awareness! Both these cuffs depict a sunset in Lemaire Channel, Antarctica.