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Fifty Small Things

(Photo: Richard Doctorow)

Curated by Richard Doctorow

As the saying goes – “big things come in small packages.”
fifty small things is an exhibit of 50 objects that are small in size, but full of history. Chosen from our holdings by Collections Manager Richard Doctorow, they cover a timespan from 1700 to 1945. And while every one of them is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, each has a big story to tell - about Sag Harbor, her citizens, and her place in America’s history.
In our accompanying exhibit, take a closer look, local artist and Instagram enthusiast Bob Weinstein puts these 50 small things in context by focusing his lens on details of historic houses and places in Sag Harbor that make up the richly textured story of our village.
Who we were, and where we came from, informs us of who we are now - and who we will become.  The preservation and presentation of history plays a unique and vital role in building a strong, cohesive cultural understanding within a community. By combining these objects highlighting our past with images of Sag Harbor today, we hope to create an understanding and appreciation of this unique village, her role in the story of America and to show that her history is very much a part of our everyday lives.